August 3, 2008

The 3D Dream & Food Designs

We have worked pretty patiently with these 2 growing blogs. We did major improvements with layouts and colors to make them as pleasing as possible for our readers. With the introduction of a simple navigation menu (which was long over due), readers can now quickly jump to the home page, about page & contact page of our blogs! This was so basic....it still troubles me as to why I have not done this from the start. But hey, not everyone is perfect right. This 'navigation' menu will continue to grow as our blogs continue to grow. I can already foresee a need for a link page for our link exchange list since we are very particular when it comes to home page content and the look and feel of our blogs. Having a page purely dedicated for our link exchange links will keep our home page less cluttered and much more organized. Currently, we only implemented the simple navigation menu (composed of links to the home page, about page & contact page) to The 3-D Dream & Food Designs. We will soon implement these options to the other blogs as soon as we can.

If there are any suggestions, we encourage you to comment us suggestions and tips as it will also help us improve our blogs! Thanks and happy reading :)


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