August 29, 2008

The Navigation Bar in Blogger

At one point I wanted to remove this feature to stand out from other blogger blogs and then somewhere along the line I decided I wanted it back for the mere reason that I enjoyed accessing my blog's settings by one click of the mouse. Whether I want it to show or not, the following code does this for me:

#navbar-iframe {
height: 0px;
visibility: hidden;
display: none;

To show the Nav Bar - remove this code from your html code
To have no Nav Bar - insert this code in your html code right before this piece of code:


Hope this helps!

Further reference in case the solution above did not work:


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August 21, 2008

Google Affiliate Network's Official Blog!

It is very clear that the Google Affiliate Network (GAN) is pushing forward. I got an email this morning announcing the official launch of their blog:


This is great news! I have noticed significant improvements with GAN in terms of user interface and new options available for its users in a publisher point of view. I'm sure it has been the same story in the advertiser's neck of the woods.

More about Google Affiliate Network can be found on my other post which is a compilation of various basic questions and answers that publishers like myself may have before or while using GAN's services:


I would also like to point out that the post is constantly updated as it also serves as a personal reference for me and my team with regards to the Google Affiliate Network program.

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August 16, 2008

Google Affiliate Network

Now that the Google Referrals program (under Adsense) is coming to an end on the August of 2008, the rise of a new program/opportunity is emerging. This new program which is to somehow replace Google Referrals is called the Google Affiliate Network program.

This post will focus on the Google Affiliate Network program and highlight some of the questions and concerns that publishers may have which we hope to shed some light and answer some of these questions. Why you might ask? Well because my blog group intends to use this program and being a blogger/web developer ourselves, we know the hardships and hard work that go into these type of things. So with this in mind, we want to help others like us. You may have noticed our blog selection on our "Blog List" section on our page, well all of these blogs will eventually display Google Affiliate Network ads/links if they aren't already.

The concern is regarding "Google Affiliate Network" ads/links and how many of those ads/links are we allowed to put on a site. At the moment there is no Google help group for this program. As it develops, I foresee that it will eventually have a help group fully dedicated to the program.

Now then, I have been exchanging emails with the support team for the Google Affiliate Network program, they take a day or 2 to reply but they do reply with straight forward answers. This is what I found out (more questions/answers and updates will be added as we bump into them):
The following answers are from the Affiliate Publisher Support team of the Google Affiliate Network program.

Question: How many Google Affiliate Networks ads/links are we allowed to put on a site?
Answer: You can generate and place as many Google Affiliate Network links as you wish. There is no limit and we do not tell you where exactly you must
place these ads on your site either.

Question: So is this still applicable regardless if I run Google Adsense ads on my site or not?
Answer: Yes, you can have Google AdSense ads alongside as MANY Google Affiliate Network ads as you like.

Question: I have some sites that also have AdBrite advertising and Chitika advertising....Could I use Google Affiliate Network ads/links together with them too? How about with any other advertising programs similar to AdBrite and Chitika for that matter?
Answer: You can advertise with any other network you choose. We do not have any terms that prohibit you from including links from other networks alongside Google Affiliate Network banners on your site.

Question: I have more than one site.... Can I display GAN ads/links from my single GAN account on all of them?
Answer: Google Affiliate Network publishers can use as many sites as they like.
Note: There are currently 3 options to use multiple sites in GAN. Methods are described in detail here.

Affiliate Publisher Support
Google Affiliate Network

The following questions and answers are from people like you and me, answer are not directly from the Affiliate Publisher Support, instead answers are from end users.

Question: Can I filter the kinds of ads/links I want?
Answer: Yes you can, simply navigate from the home page (default page after signing in to your account) and move your mouse over the "Get Links", then to "Newest Links", and finally to "All Advertisers". After clicking you will see a long list of the available advertisers open for applying, notice the "Narrow Results" section on the right hand side....this is where you can apply filtering rules to your choosing. (Just a note: interface may change in the future because of exciting new upgrades and expansion)
(8/21/08 New!) Link to official Google Affiliate Network's Blog:

Links to related articles:

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August 5, 2008

Google Groups Forum

That's right! We finally started our Bloggers Vault Forum! It is still very fresh and needs attention but we are making efforts to expand and promote our blog selection and attract new visitors. We plan that this forum will give us the leverage to reach out to our readers and further expand our community in terms of reader. We also hope that this will further expose our blogs to the general public in the internet world. This is so exciting and we know that it will require a lot of patience and work to get it to where we imagine it to be. Thank you all for the support and let the forum begin!
I'd like to thank the people at google for making google groups possible.

Bloggers Vault


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August 3, 2008

The 3D Dream & Food Designs

We have worked pretty patiently with these 2 growing blogs. We did major improvements with layouts and colors to make them as pleasing as possible for our readers. With the introduction of a simple navigation menu (which was long over due), readers can now quickly jump to the home page, about page & contact page of our blogs! This was so basic....it still troubles me as to why I have not done this from the start. But hey, not everyone is perfect right. This 'navigation' menu will continue to grow as our blogs continue to grow. I can already foresee a need for a link page for our link exchange list since we are very particular when it comes to home page content and the look and feel of our blogs. Having a page purely dedicated for our link exchange links will keep our home page less cluttered and much more organized. Currently, we only implemented the simple navigation menu (composed of links to the home page, about page & contact page) to The 3-D Dream & Food Designs. We will soon implement these options to the other blogs as soon as we can.

If there are any suggestions, we encourage you to comment us suggestions and tips as it will also help us improve our blogs! Thanks and happy reading :)

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