October 12, 2009

Embedding Javascript In Blogger Posts

Blogger automatically inserts line breaks to your code which inevitably disrupts the functionality of your javascript. To resolve this, simply
edit your javascript and delete all the line breaks in 'windows' notepad or other text editing software, then insert your revised code on your blog post with the html tab enabled. This should allow your javascript to execute correctly.

Reference: Add Javascript In Blogger Blogspot Post

Hope this helps!

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October 1, 2009

Popup Window In Blogger?

There was a time I needed to make certain links popup on a new window when clicked on. Maybe even popup on a new window of a specific size. I have tried various methods, some work, some don't. Many can be improvised to meet your needs given that you are familiar with javascript or even just basic html. There are many techniques when trying to produce a popup link. There are also varying results. So in the end it is for you to decide which best suits you and your site and/or blog. I will continue to update this post as I find new methods worth using for making popup links.

Here are a bunch of links that I bookmarked that may help:


Some ideas:
  • the use of iframes?
  • use the title attribute for your links?
I would ultimately like to see someone develop a popup tool similar to Kontact's contact form except that you can manage whatever you wanted to popup from a master account of some sort. Until then. Let's wait and see what people come up with!

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