September 3, 2008

Label Cloud In Blogger

You may have noticed recently that some of the blogs featured here at Bloggers Vault have implemented the Label Cloud instead of a list which could eventually grow into a very long list over time. Adding a Label Cloud to Blogger blog or any site for that matter makes navigating through content a bit more organic. Some like to use them, some don't. So since I'm beginning to experiment with implementing Label Clouds on a few blogs, I wanted to post the links I ran into while researching on how to use these clouds on my Blogger blogs and share them with you.

I'll update this list if I run into other resources or if any other resource is suggested on this post... so feel free to comment or suggest!
  1. Phydeaux3's Method: Beta-Blogger-Label-Cloud
  2. Aneesh's Method: Label Cloud Widget - simplified version of Phydeaux3's Method
  3. Amanda's & Roy's Method: Animated Label Cloud - example can be seen on this blog - right column under 'Label Cloud'
All these methods for implementing the Label Cloud in Blogger blogs work great (given the installation worked smoothly). Hope this list helps!

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