September 27, 2008

Chitika & Adsense

A few days ago I saw this in a forum-

Question: Can you put Chitika’s eMiniMalls ads on the same page with Google Adsense?

Answer: Yes. But you have to use non contextual Chitika ads (Just as is the case with using non contextual Adbrite ads with Adsense).

Adsense also backs this up here.
Chitika also backs this up here.

Some notes:
  • I have tried using Chitika eMiniMalls ads and its fairly easy to use and you can really key into whats being displayed on the ad units by specifying a set of 'keywords' in the script that they provide.
  • Have noticed a slight decrease in Adsense earnings when put together with Adsense but both Chitika ads and Adsense ads were still able to earn regardless.


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